Jigyasa Adventure Map – 1

Jigyasa: This is first amongst a series of teacher aid material which aims to make science simple and to help carry forward the progression of knowledge, in a well-connected and step-by-step manner, with healthy dose of fun filled activities, curiosity and creativity!

Please share freely and just as freely modify the content as per the audience. Do share your experiences, feedbacks and suggestions on the comment section! Till then Part – 2 under construction…


Inspired by: Dr G Nagarjuna (Founder of Gnowledge lab, Homi Bhabha Centre of Science Education) –

Project Jigyasa aims to connect with the concept of dependency mapping of knowledge and extend it to actual class room activities in a creative manner.

For more on dependency mapping: http://gnowledge.org/~nagarjun/cs-lta-dependency-paper.pdf

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